To allow your soap to last as long as possible please allow it to dry out between uses on a free draining soap dish or a dry washer. Unused soap is to be stored in a cool, dry place.

This is variable depending on how many people are in your family, how often you shower and if you use a sponge. On average you can expect a bar to last around 2 weeks for 2 people showering once a day. 

No, Valley Soaps will never contain palm oil.

Only essential oils and natural colourants such as clays or botanicals are ever used. 

Yes we can make you a customised bar. This will take 6-8 weeks. All Valley Soaps are made using the cold process method. Soaps take 6 weeks to cure which allows the water in the soap to evaporate giving you a bar of soap that is milder, harder and longer lasting. 

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Huon Valley Tasmania

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